About this blog

This began as a series of primarily work-related discussions with my longtime friend and sometime colleague DC Elzinga, sharing our ideas and frustrations about the company we were both working for at the time.

One day DC said, “Some of this stuff would actually make a good management book.” (He’s a writer, among other things, so he thinks that way.) So we started working on a management book.

Then, inspired by this post from Seth Godin, we decided to turn some of our material into a management blog.

Then that burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. DC wanted to write about science, politics, and popular philosophy in another blog, sentientmeat.net, and I wanted to write about — in addition to management — technology, marketing, startups, mathematics and algorithms, and how many TV writers have drawn inspiration from Joss Whedon. So this became just a blog.

The next step in its evolution occurred when I had an epiphany upon reading “The Gervais Principle” and its follow-on posts, and realized that while people, their social dynamics, and the creation of innovative things are still important, “management” and “team-building”¹ are just concepts created by sociopaths to distract the clueless. So now this blog is not about “management” at all, but about people and technology and the experiences of the former while creating the latter.

About the author

I’m Monica McArthur, a serial CTO and periodic mathematician with a passion for team-building pulling people together to build technology, just like it says on my LinkedIn profile.

Links to more information and a few other things I’ve done:

¹ I’m very sad about the loss of “team-building”, because I still think that concept of a “team” is quite profound and the alchemy by which a group of people transform themselves into a team is one of the more sublime parts of the human experience, but the sociopaths have taken over the phrase itself and infused it with connotations of exploitation.